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Plush Pad Bloom


Plush Pad Bloom

Ah Goo Baby

36,00 € tax incl.


The Plush Pad of Ah Goo Baby is a multi-purpose memory foam surface for your baby.  It's great to use on-the-go or around the home - in any room or any place.   

The Plush Pad® by Ah Goo Baby® comes with a memory foam pillow that relieves pressure because its structure is completely different. It's made up of billions of high-density, elastic micro-cushions.  When the temperature-sensitive cells come in contact with the warm areas of your baby’s body, they get softer and pliable.

In short, the Plush Pad® conforms to the curves of your baby’s body, so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!

The Plush Pad® is soft, warm, water-repellent and machine washable! 

Style meets practical. Baby meets plush.